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      1. Corporate Image

        Logo of Sinopharm

        The inspiration of the new logo comes from water, the source of life. In the color of green, blue and turquoise, the logo displays an image of waving water, embodying an old Chinese saying “Shang Shan Ruo Shui” which means that the highest excellence is like that of water, nurturing everything on earth but indifferent to fame. The logo is in the form of spiraling up, imitating that of DNA, indicating the nature of medical and pharmaceutical industry and the vision for its development.

        Sinopharm Group will hold on to the idea of All for Health, Health for all, and stick to the value of care, responsibility, innovation, and sharing. She will also bring to the society and the consumers reachable shared value by dedicating herself in continuous innovation and structuring an ecological chain of the mass medical and health industry, and in this effort enables people to enjoy health products and services of high quality and to pursue a better life.

        Logo combination

        Social Responsibility

        Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Caring for life, Attending to health”, Sinopharm International has been pursuing the harmonious progress between enterprise and people, society and nature. It advocates to dedicate all its efforts to economic development, environmental protection, social progress and human prosperity in the process of growth and  actively fulfill its social, economic and political resonsibilities of the Central Enterprises(SOE)

        In order to perform national duties for the world community, Sinopharm International operates in coordination with national diplomacy and policy implementation of foreign trade and economic cooperation. It undertakes the task of aided hospital construction projects , foreign medical and technological cooperation and special business etc. Aiming to gratify the demand for medical and healthcare services, Sinopharm International is engaged in cooperation and importation of the advanced medical equipments and pharmaceutical products. It also strives to develop businesses conforming to national industrial policy. Meanwhile, Sinopharm International pursues the triple-win situation of economic, environmental and social benefits by means of importing high-quality and environmental-friendly raw materials.

        Sinopharm International is to accelerate the development of both international business and domestic pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. It always Keeps in mind the commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility, trying to become a responsible corporate citizen. With all-out efforts, Sinopharm International is determined to establish itself as the first-class, full of "Sense of pride" among staff, partner trust, social welcome and environmental friendly international pharmaceutical enterprise.